4 To Try: Car Polish Edition

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Here at Autobrite Direct, we have wealth of car detailing products available to buy online for both trade and customers, but with so much choice, it can be difficult to work out which products are best for your circumstances. When it comes to car polish, the right product can mean the difference between reducing the appearance of unsightly scratches or an unevenly finished car that’s not looking its best. In this blog, we explore our top 4 car polish best sellers so you can choose the right one for your vehicle!

Correct It

Our Restore car polish cutting compound is a premium high abrasive machine polishing paste that can eliminate light scratching, watermarks, and rust and reduce the appearance of more embedded marks. Ideal for cutting heavy paint defects or weathered clearcoats, this can only be used alongside a machine and is best suited to trade customers or home enthusiasts who have the correct equipment.


One of our flagship products, Renew car polish is a great middle-ground product that can remove imperfections and boost the shine of the vehicle all in one go. The specially developed formula uses fine abrasives to gently remove a layer of clear coat and can fill cuts, mask swirls and protect the vehicle thanks to the carnauba wax it contains.

Hellshine Eliminator

The Hellshine Eliminator car polish is designed to reduce swirl marks, without leaving behind heavy dusting like other polishes can and instead is simple to apply and remove.  A little goes a long way with this paint cleaner meaning it’s one of the most cost-effective polishes you can buy that will last through detail after detail.

Final Finish

The Final Finish is a super fine anti-hologram abrasive finishing polish that permanently removes holograms, polishing haze, fine scratches, and even 3000 grit sanding marks on all paint surfaces, making it a must-have for all professional detailers.