6 Recommended Products from our 6-steps of Detailing Process

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If you’ve not checked out our brand-new section on the website, The 6-steps of detailing yet then don’t worry, we’ll catch you up to speed. As professional car detailers, we’ve developed a formula for achieving the perfect detail every time and it works for any vehicle. Starting with the wheels before moving onto the washing, decontamination, and polishing stages before completing the process with protection and finishing products. So, what are the best car detailing products to use at every stage?


Giving the wheels an in-depth clean first is key to ensuring that they don’t contaminate other areas of the car later on. Notoriously one of the dirtiest parts of a car, wheels hide layers of thick road dust and grime in their spokes, not to mention heavy contaminants like brake dust. We recommend using a powerful cleaning agent such as our Britegel wheel cleaner, in conjunction with various sized spoke brushes to really work the formula in.


Washing the surface of the car should be done in 2 steps, the prewash and then the shampoo. We always recommend applying our Autobrite heavy-duty snow foam through a lance on a pressure washer, to remove the heavy grime, before moving onto a quality 2 bucket shampooing. Use our Citrus Wash Multi-purpose cleaner or our Purple Velvet luxurious suds shampoo for the best results.


To remove impurities and imperfections that are more deeply contained in the paint of the vehicle, it’s key to use a strong car detailing product that won’t cause damage to the appearance. Use Just the Tonic Tar and Glue remover for a chemical decontamination or our Fine Grade Cleaner Clay for physical decontamination.


Whether you’re a machine polishing aficionado or a hand polishing purist, we’ve got a range of products suitable for revitalising the car’s paintwork. Our Correct IT!- Enrich Correction Polish is perfect for use with a machine polisher, or there’s our popular Chocolate Glaze Polish & Wax for hand polishing. Our scratch-out formula is designed for use with machines and hand polishing materials so is a suitable and efficient choice whatever your requirements.


After all the effort it takes to detail a car to perfection, it’s best to protect it from the elements which will make the next detail easier and will help preserve that pristine finish for longer. Use wax or sealant for the best results, we recommend our ceramic ultra-spray wax for a rock-hard finish that shines and solidifies.


The cherry on top of the car detailing cake, finishing means treating the glass with a glass cleaner, dressing parts of the car for better colour saturation, and just generally giving it a once over. Use a quick detailer for all of these, such as our Elegance Luxurious Detailing Spray.


If you’re looking for products to tackle a specific job, our detailing kits might provide you with the exact products you need! Explore our fantastic range of detailing kits.