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History of Autobrite Direct

Autobrite Direct was created in 2005 by Mark & Jill to replace an existing successful mobile valeting operation (Prestige Valeting) after spotting a gap in the market for a high quality, independent car care specialist supplier.

In those early days, Autobrite was run by Mark and his wife Jill, from a spare bedroom in their home, bottling, labelling and packing products by hand. One of Autobrite's first big-hits was the infamous Autobrite Direct HD Foam Lance, the first foam lance in the UK. For 12 years now the AD foam lance has been tweaked, refined and re-developed and has gone on to win design awards. The AD foam lance is highly regarded and very often referred to as the best foam lance in the world due to it's build quality, durability and performance and many competitors have tried and failed to recreate it's unique design and build.

Through the massive success of the Foam Lance the spare bedroom was quickly replaced with the garage and soon after it was clear the Autobrite Direct was becoming a hit so the first unit in Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent was acquired. Having a commercial unit allowed Mark & Jill to realise another goal and open a dedicated, walk in car care store. The first of it's kind in the area and one of the only specialist car care and detailing stores in the country.

Successes then came one after another with the likes of Magifoam sitting alongside the AD lance and Luxury Suds, Crystal and Magic Carpet adding to the early AD lineup. It wasn't long before AD expanded and moved to bigger units in Chesterton, Fenton and then finally landing at it's current unit in Wolstanton in 2015. A neighbouring unit was also quickly acquired to house a growing warehousing operation as well as providing a separate area for valeting and detailing services.

As in-house production of our car care and detailing range began to grow an additional local unit was taken on for bottling and production.

Today, Autobrite Direct is an industry leading and world famous provider of bespoke, high quality car care and detailing products. Autobrite Direct is on the cutting edge of new technologies and product development for the fast growing detailing industry. Unlike other providers, Autobrite invest heavily into R&D of new products and all of our products are exclusive to us rather than rebottling and relabelling off the shelf solutions. We have a vast selection or approved valeters & detailers around the world alongside a growing network of premium stockists and resellers throughout Europe & Asia.

One such reseller who deserves to be shouted about is Autobrite Direct Korea - way back in 2011 a couple of young chaps from South Korea ordered a small selection of products and quickly fell in love! South Koreans love looking after their pride and joys just as much as the next person, and nothing available in their market came close to what Autobrite Direct could offer. After meeting them in person and seeing their passion for the brand, we created a partnership and over the last 7 years they have grown to become not just a stockist/reseller but have become a 'sister' company, and the only company we have allowed to trade under the Autobrite Direct name and brand. ADK is by far our single largest customer, selling the ENTIRE AD range to the rapidly growing car care enthusiast culture in Korea.

Autobrite currently has 17 staff including sales, marketing, creative, customer services, valeters, detailers and warehouse & production operatives. We expect our team to grow exponentially over the next 1-2 years alongside the rapid growth of the business.

The Future! - Autobrite Direct has vastly outgrown it's current premises and is currently working through the logistics and planning to move to a new, dedicated premises to house all aspects of the business in one location. We are still on our quest (and well on our way) to be the world's biggest and best detailing, valeting and car care brand, to be a globally recognised and revered brand with locations/stockists in every country and an even bigger network of worldwide AD:Addicts. However, we want to keep and maintain the core values of the family run business at its core.

It's safe to say that the best is yet to come from Autobrite Direct, with many, many, many new projects, products and exciting developments to come from us in the not too distant future. Autobrite Direct… Because looks are everything…

Meet Team Autobrite!

Mark Moss

CEO & Head of Business

Mark spends his day in his creative den, his passion is creating new AD products and seeing them on the Autobrite shelves! Creativity is his strong point and Mark knows how to create a product! He knows the AD range inside and out and has extensive knowledge of the car care market. Whilst hiding in his secret den he is also busy running the day to day operations of Autobrite Direct, you may see him occasionally leaving his Area 51… A warm welcome from Mark!

Jill Moss

CFO & Human Resources Director

The real boss, (that's what she thinks 😉) Jill oversees the finances and is in charge of staffing and human resources. She loves her cups of tea throughout the day and they certainly keep her going whilst listening to Mark's nagging all day long! Hello from Jill!

Dan Hanson

Field Sales Advisor & Trade Customer Liason

"Dan, Dan in the Autobrite Van!" Dan is an AD veteran and has recently taken on a new role visiting our network of resellers & detailers in the mobile AD shop whilst also seeking out new customers and business opportunities for the brand. Away from work, Dan can often be seen perusing various sales pages - buying and refurbishing quality used cars, just like his hero and idol Swiss Toni. Say hi to Swiss everyone, err sorry, Dan!

Kevin Prince

Detailing & Training Manager

Kevin is AD's expert detailer and is responsible for restoring cars to their former glory. His attention to detail is second to none and he ensures that every car that is left in his care is given the ULTIMATE in car care treatment. Kev loves tequila, tacos and fajitas and his favourite film is Nacho Libre. Saluda a Kevin a todos!

Robin Bartlett

Valeter & Detailer

Meet Robin! A colourful and fun-loving character. Working under the watchful eyes of Kevin in our valeting department he's fast learning the ways of detailing perfection. He loves his retro cars and loves driving his Proton! With a beard to rival Santas you certainly won't miss Robin when you visit our valeting bays!

William Blackshaw

Production Manager

William is our production department manager. Will looks after the day to day running of this department, hopping on and off our forklift and taking care of our reseller's orders! Will has a love of horses and of course his real love - his car! Will loves his private kitchen and cooks regularly to a Michelin star quality (in the AD canteen), make sure you roll out the red carpet out for him and his butlers!

Phil Moss

Production Operative

Phil takes care of the operation of our production filling machines. He works like a man processed filling various AD products into our bottles and now is the fastest bottle filler known to man! He loves the AD range and particularly loves our Banana Gloss, he thinks it's just wonderful being Banana his favourite scent! He is not so keen on Purple Rain though, I wonder why..? Say hi to Phil everyone!

Matt Baldwin

Production Operative

Another new team member, Matt is another of our production operatives and ensures all your products are mixed, bottled and labeled perfectly. A massive Stoke City fan (don't hold that against him) and a huge character with a bubbly personality, just don't ask him to reverse your van for you...

Dale Wintle

Dispatch Manager & Customer Service Manager

Dale can be located within our dispatch department along with his team members John and Adam. He is the one who may serve you in our walk-in-shop and will assist you in choosing the right AD product for you! Dale also may answer your telephone enquiries and answer your enqueries by email too! Dale has a love for his motorbike (although we have never seen it and it may dissolve if he gets it wet!!) and likes cheese, yes cheese! Its frequently been said that he is a Daniel Craig lookalike – a 007 agent? Yeah right…..! Say hi to Dale everyone!

John Wilshaw

Dispatch Operative & Customer Service Assistant

Lurking deep beneath the jaws of Hell (Dispatch) here lies Johnny! Meet him once and you will never forget him, everyone loves Johnny! John joined us in the year 2000BC and has had the team laughing out loud ever since! His jokes are somewhat ‘interesting' and he tells you the same story over 1,000 times and of course let's not forget he has a stunning collection of hats! John is a lovely person to talk to and knows some very interesting facts about life, you got to chat with Johnny! Say hi to Johnny everyone!

Adam Boddy

Dispatch Operative & Customer Service Assistant

Mr Adam Boddy, who joined us from a local betting establishment! Adam loves his job and loves Autobrite Direct – bless him! Adam can be found with his team mates John & Dale in the dispatch department. Adam may serve you in the shop or help you with your email enquiries, however If you ever get to speak to Adam make sure you have a couple of hours to spare as this guy can talk! We all love Adam! Say hi to Adam everyone!

Luke Woodward

Dispatch Operative & Customer Service Assistant

Another new face here at Autobrite, Luke is one of our dispatch operatives and also one of the friendly faces you may find in our shop. Luke ensures your orders are packed up and shipped out in record time! Luke loves BTCC and is currently saving up hard to buy a set of alloy wheels to replace his plastic wheel trims! (He now has his alloys!) His main hobby is glamping (camping but posher, apparently) - Always smiling, and up for a laugh - that's Luke!

Clive Pepper

Back 2 Basics Trainer

Clive is our 'Back 2 Basics' trainer and along with his trusted partner in crime Kevin (our Detailing manager) he looks after our popular 'Back 2 Basics' group tuition courses! Mark has known Clive for some years now through one of the first tuition classes we ever did! Clive loved it so much, he decided he wanted to help out where he could. Mark & Clive have now made the B2B into what it is today, a very popular car care group course giving our trainees proper car care skills – the less confusing way!
Clive has a passion for his Koi Carp along with driving his bright red Mercedes CLK with the roof down (in cold, wind, snow, rain or hail) with his satnav programmed to the ADHQ one Saturday every month! Say hi to Clive everyone!