Are You Ready for Autumn?

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With the turn of the seasons just around the corner, it’s important to prepare your vehicle for the change too. Ensure you’re ready for Autumn and Winter, so that your vehicle is protected, and looks its best in all weathers. Undertake some car cleaning tasks before the weather changes to make it easier to maintain your vehicle through the often adverse conditions that winter can bring. In this blog, we discuss the main challenges cars face this season and how you can prepare for them.

Extra Rainfall

As the temperature takes a downturn and the days get shorter, more rainfall can be expected at this time of year which can cause dirty watermarks to appear across the surface of the car. While this doesn’t look pleasant on the paintwork, it can also obscure the view of the road if the windscreen, wing mirrors, or rear-view mirror becomes too dirty or smeared. To protect vehicles against this, after you’ve completed routine car cleaning, add a water repellent sealant to the surfaces you want to protect. Choose a specifically formulated glass cleaner to treat windows and mirrors with so that water beads away instead of drying on!

Road Salt

One of the most dangerous contaminants cars have to deal with in the autumn is road salt, which is corrosive and can cause serious damage to paintwork over time. The best way to protect against road salt is to add waxing or sealants to your car cleaning checklist ensuring that you add a new layer of protection on the the paintwork every three months as a minimum. This will help to protect the car and will make it more difficult for road salt to stick to the car. Remember to use a non-aggressive car shampoo in-between waxes so that the protective layer remains in place.

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