Key course contents

  • In depth advanced exterior safe wash and decontamination process.
  • Wheel removal, cleaning, polishing and sealing.
  • Paint and substrate types, different light sources, defect identification, machine polisher and compound selection.
  • Dual action, rotary, cordless and mini machine polishers
  • Wet sanding, defect removal, texture removal and texture matching techniques
  • Glass polishing
  • Paint protection
  • interior detailing
  • Plus much more

Advanced Courses

Our Advanced detailing course will teach you not only the fundamental skills required in detailing vehicle to a high standard but also how to further develop more advanced techniques for that high quality finish.

This course is designed for individuals who already have a good foundation skill set and are looking to learn more advanced techniques to further develop their individual knowledge and progress their business to the next level.

We highly recommend that if you are new to the industry consider one of our other courses to introduce you to the world of detailing before moving on to the more advanced techniques.