Bank Holiday Car Cleaning Schedule

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With the summer bank holiday just on the horizon, car detailers and car care enthusiasts across the country are praying for sunshine so they can get out and tend to their vehicles. Nothing matches the unbridled joy of getting to spend the day making your pride and joy look fantastic and a bank holiday presents the perfect opportunity. With a bit more time available you can truly dedicate yourself to those jobs that sometimes get missed.

Pre Wash

We know that we might be preaching to the choir on this one, but the prewash phase is really important in maintaining an attractive vehicle exterior during car cleaning. Often, car owners can skip this phase which means when they get to the shampooing, there are potentially harmful contaminants on the surface of the car which can cause scratches and marks when they have moved around with a sponge. Take some time this bank holiday to apply a snow foam prewash and see the results for yourself.

Car Polish

Another often neglected car cleaning task is to polish a car. Either by hand or using a rotary machine, this process helps to remove light scratches and watermarks by gently removing a little bit of the clear coat that sits above the paint layer. Moving panel by panel use your chosen polish and buff it onto the car in circular motions. A light residue will appear, and you’ll need to keep buffing until this has gone and scratches are reduced. If it is your first time polishing, we recommend starting with hand polishing.

Apply Detailing Spray

Car detailing spray is a great car cleaning product that elevates the appearance of almost all surfaces, inside and out. Simply spray it onto trims, accents, and door cards to make the colours look more saturated, clean off any smudges or fingerprints and leave a fantastic smelling scent.