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3 Ways to Use Detailing Spray

3 Ways to Use Detailing Spray

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on May 05th 2019
Detailing spray is one of the most versatile car care products and no matter whether you’re a seasoned pro or total amateur, it’s easy and effective to use. Everybody should have a bottle of detailing spray in their kit and some have been known to drive it around with them, which is a testament to the many practical implications it has.

Finger Prints

The bane of a detailer’s life, the cleaner the car, the easier marks show up and this is no truer then fingerprints. Whether its children poking the windows or just people opening doors, they find a way to smear themselves. With detailing spray, it’s as simple as spray and wipe to get rid of them and can be used on the go!

Clean and Protect

Detailing spray can be used as part of the car cleaning process and is particularly useful for cleaning the interior of a car. Spraying the solution onto dashboards, gear sticks and hand brakes will clean off dust and dirt and will coat components with a shiny layer that looks great and protects.

Wax Booster

Apply detailing spray onto a freshly washed car without drying, to boost the shine of the paintwork and lock in that freshly cleaned look. This can be applied as often as you like and is ideal for those detailers who like to upkeep a superior shine but don’t have time to regularly wax.


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