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5 Tips for Summer Car Care

5 Tips for Summer Car Care

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on May 01st 2019
With warming temperatures and additional road dust to contend with over the summer months, car detailing at this time of year can be daunting. Keeping both the interior and exterior of your car in top nick during summer months will not only mean you can proudly show off your pride and joy but also ensures that you ward of potential heat damage, unsightly grime and will have less of a job to do come Autumn.

Remove Bird Droppings Fast

One of the main annoyances of the summer is the appearance of bird droppings on your car, but aside from being unsightly, they can actually cause irreversible damage to the paintwork of the car. Left to dry, the chemicals can react with the paint and leave a faded mark behind, so removing them quickly is the key to unmarred paint.

Never Use Dish Soap

Even if you are only quickly removing some bird droppings, never use dish soap to do so. Household products aren’t formulated for the surface of the car and can strip off the paint.

Apply Car Wax

If you are going to apply wax a to home, it’s important to only do so when the car's surface is cool so applying car wax in the shade is always advisable. Car wax will act as a sort of sunscreen and help protect the paint from fading and will repel dirt and grime, so it is a must for summer car care.

Avoid Rotary Buffers

Although it can be tempting to machine polish your car, unless you have been trained in how to use them, you could damage the paint.

Pressure Wash Carefully

While pressure washers can brilliantly remove dirt and grime with minimal effort, it’s important to remember that such intense pressure can remove the paint. If you have variable pressure settings make sure to use the lowest pressure, working up slowly if more pressure is needed to remove dirt.


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