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A Comprehensive Car Cleaning Checklist

A Comprehensive Car Cleaning Checklist

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on July 20th 2019
During the warmer months of summer, although contaminants are typically lower than in the winter, the sun can cause huge problems when it comes to keeping the bodywork of a vehicle in good shape. When undertaking a car cleaning there is a number of factors to consider in the warm weather, such as your car drying too quickly in the heat and leaving water marks. We’ve got a comprehensive car cleaning checklist that will see you right this summer!

Avoid Water Marks

Car cleaning is a preventative measure as well as a reactive one, aiding in the upkeep of your car’s appearance with every wash. Even in the pre-wash or rinsing stages, it’s vital that you avoid any unnecessary marks. Make sure you wash on a cloudy day if possible and in the shade. This will help prevent the bodywork from becoming too warm and water evaporating as soon as it hits the surface. Another car cleaning tip is to park your car so that there is at least a metre of accessible space on every side so that you can have a clear 360-degree view.

Clean Shampoo

Using a good car shampoo is vital in warm weather, as cheaper solutions are typically more diluted, leading to faster forming watermarks. If possible, buy a shampoo that is concentrated so that you can dilute it to your own liking and eliminate the possibility of watermarks and ensuring that any road grime that may have been baked on in the heat, is lifted with ease.


The sun is a silent contaminant in many ways and can cause fading of the paintwork, typically in older or matte cars. It’s important that after a car cleaning, you protect the paintwork using car wax or sealant, to help prevent fading as well as bug splatter and dirt build up from marking the car.


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