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Autobrite Detailing Courses

Autobrite Detailing Courses

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on June 13th 2019
If you’re a car enthusiast, then you’re probably into looking after your vehicles and take time to ensure that they are always performing and looking their best. But even if you’re a dedicated cleaner, sometimes you can’t get the level of detail required to make your car gleam and if you’re interested in learning about the techniques and tools to make this happen; a car detailing course might be just the ticket.

Varied Courses

Our car detailing courses are available on a one to one basis and can take anything from one to five days, depending on your requirements. They offer a hands-on approach to learning and equip candidates with all the skills necessary to detail cars like a pro. We offer a variety of courses including 1-1 training between 1-5 days and starting from £200, as well as our group ‘back to basics’ course which is only £50 for a day-long course.

What Is Covered?

We ensure that our car detailing courses are tailored to the individuals enrolled on them so that you get exactly what you want from your time with us. Whether you’re looking to go into professional detailing or just want a few more tips about keeping your car in top shape, we’ll cover the whole range of practices. Depending on the length, of course, you opt for we’ll cover a selection of; wheel cleaning, exterior pre-wash, safe washing, decontamination, engine bay dressing, machine polishing, interior valeting, waxing and leather cleaning to name but a few.

Added Bonus!

As professional detailers, we have all the necessary tools you’ll need for the duration of your selected car detailing course and can tailor our programme to beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. There’s no need any of our own kit or products as we’ll supply them all as part of the price. At the end of each course, participants will receive a certificate and an in-store discount card so you can take home some of the very products you’ve just used and practice for yourself!


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