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Autobrite’s Specialist Car Shampoo

Autobrite’s Specialist Car Shampoo

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on February 24th 2020
When undertaking some car cleaning there are times where a standard car shampoo just isn’t quite what you’re looking for. Whether that’s because you’ve got an extra thick layer of grime to remove or because you want a shampoo combo that works to make your car look the best that it can be, there are a range of car shampoos that can clean, enhance, polish and wax so that you can achieve the desired results in one easy step!

Hellshine – The Bane Blade

We’re all guilty of letting a vehicle get a little bit too dirty, so much so that the colour of the paint is hard to distinguish. While you may think that buckets of car shampoo would be needed to tackle the sheer amount of grime – you’re wrong, the bane blade is just the trick. This pH neutral slides through dirt like a blade through butter and is safe to use on all paint, metal, chrome, trim, leather and wheel surfaces, so you can remove filth from all over the car with just one product.

The Voodoo Waterless Wash

Another Hellshine car shampoo, The Voodoo offers car detailing enthusiasts a waterless wash! The benefits of a waterless wash are that the chances of scratches from contaminated water or old sponges are mitts are reduced to an absolute minimum. Easy to use and with minimal cleaning up the voodoo is as easy as 1,2,3. Just start by spraying the product onto the panel, then buffing off with a microfibre cloth, before repeating for extra shine and gloss! The great thing about this car shampoo is that it is suitable for all paint including delicate surfaces, single stage paint, vintage paint, clear coated finishes, chrome, brightwork, glass and plastic trim!

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