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Breaking Down Snow Foam Car Shampoo

Breaking Down Snow Foam Car Shampoo

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on August 15th 2019
Autobrite Direct has been manufacturing car detailing products for many years and every new concept we come up with is developed with the ultimate cleaning in mind. After releasing our famous Magifoam snow foam car shampoo, we knew we needed to cater for those enthusiasts who like a thicker, more concentrated foam and thus our Superfoam solution was born!

About Superfoam

Our Superfoam snow foam car shampoo is available in different quantities ensuring that both our professional customers and our home enthusiasts can get the right amount to suit their needs. From 500ml up to 25 litre’s our super-concentrated formula allows a small amount to cover vehicles fully with a luxuriously thick foam that removes light dust and fingerprints from the car without degrading the existing wax or sealant protection. Although the formula is highly concentrated it is suitable for weekly washes as well as those more in-depth seasonal cleans.


Applying a snow foam car shampoo is straight forward with the right tools. A pressure washer and a snow foam lance are required for proper application of the product, as the pressure ensures that the solution morphs into that thick foam that gets rid of the grime. Simply put the product into the lance bottle and dilute to your liking – making the solution thinner for a light clean and keeping it concentrated for dirty vehicles. Screw the bottle on the lance and spray the car from top to bottom, leaving the snow foam to dwell for up to 20 minutes or up to 8 minutes in hot conditions.

Additional Information

The Superfoam snow foam car shampoo has a pleasant bubble gum smell and is a safe formula to use but should be applied cautiously to ceramic disks. It is a PH neutral formula with no harsh chemicals so is suitable for both matte and shiny surfaces and won’t compromise the paint during the dwelling.


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