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Car Detailing: 101

Car Detailing: 101

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on July 18th 2019
One of the most common misconceptions with car detailing is that it is just a glorified way to sell car cleaning products, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While it is undisputed that car detailing will remove dirt and give your car a freshly washed look, it involves a much more thorough clean and often involves some reconditioning of the car’s components, where a typical clean wouldn’t.

What Are the Steps?

The first port of call in car detailing is to clean and recondition the car exterior. Typically, the bodywork will be cleaned with thick snow foam, before undergoing a wash, dry and depending on your selections, wax or polish. Most detailers will then move onto the wheels, removing fallout and cleaning they tyres and the alloys to an extreme level of detail. Some detailers will also degrease and detail the engine and compartments and the interior of the car, but these can sometimes be classed as ‘add-ons’ so it’s best to explicitly request them when booking your car in.

Why Do It?

There are many reasons that you might want to book your vehicle in for car detailing, but there are a few good reasons! Many people opt for this service simply because they like the fresh appearance of a newly detailed car and want to maintain the image. Not to mention that when a car has a routine layer of wax applied, it provides superior protection against the elements, reducing the chance of any scratches or staining. But the main reason people come to a car detailer is to increase or restore the resale value of the car. By thoroughly cleaning and reconditioning a vehicle, it can look newer, decrease the appearance of any surface marks and help to sell it for a higher price

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