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Car Detailing Products: Pro Edition

Car Detailing Products: Pro Edition

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on July 13th 2019
If you are a professional detailer or are a seasoned veteran who has been practising advanced techniques for a while, then this blog post will tell you how to pair the best car detailing products with the specialist products that will help you clean multiple cars in the shortest possible time whilst still achieving flawless results!

Start Strong

Every decent detail starts with a good prewash to help lift off heavy debris, brake dust, insect residue and tree sap that can be stubborn. Most industry professionals opt for a touchless wash to avoid swirl marks or scratched which they could be held liable for, so it’s always advisable to use a pressure washer and a snow foam to kick start the process. A petrol pressure washer is a must have car detailing product for commercial detailers as they offer increased cleaning, quick turnaround and maximum power when compared to electrical models.

Polishing Perfection

While old hands will pledge allegiance to hand polishing and scorn machine polishing, in the commercial sector there isn’t the time to laboriously hand polish every car that enters the forecourt. Today, machine polishing carries a much lower risk of damaging the paintwork than it once did and can actually yield better results than hand polishing, thanks to its ability to remove old scratches and swirl marks as well as shine the paint. Our recommended car detailing product for machine polishing is the 6 speed A-21mm dual action polishing machine.

Under the Hood

While most home detailers work exclusively on the exterior and interior of the car, it’s a professional’s job to ensure every base is covered, including under the hood. As part of any car detailing product arsenal we recommend an engine bay set that includes a cleaner, a degreaser, a dressing and a set of brushes of varying sizes to get into the nooks and crannies.


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