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Car Snow Foam FAQ’s

Car Snow Foam FAQ’s

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite Direct on March 16th 2020
Our car detailing experts know that car care enthusiasts are always looking for the best products that yield the best results, and when it comes to car snow foam, maximum suds and cleaning capacity are what is needed for a perfect prewash. Aside from using top quality products, the application technique and tools all need to be considered to get the best results and so we’ve answered some of our FAQ’s about car snow foam to help you get results that gleam!

1.What do I need to apply car snow foam?

Snow foam requires pressure to create that luxuriously thick coating that removes dirt and grime with ease. To get this pressure, it must be applied using a pressure washer and a specially developed snow foam lance, which allows the product to be diluted and pressurised before being applied with a pull of a trigger.

2.How long do I need to leave it on for?

The dwell time of car snow foam will differ from brand to brand, but most are good to sit on the car’s paintwork for around half an hour, before being rinsed away with all of the grime they have collected. It’s important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, particularly if you are using a coloured foam on a light car to avoid staining.

3.When should I apply it?

Car snow foam is best applied at the very early stages of car cleaning or detailing, being used as a prewash solution. In order to get the clinging power that most are looking for, the thick foam needs to be applied to a dry vehicle so make sure to choose a dry day or ensure any moisture has been removed from the paint with a microfibre cloth before proceeding.

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