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Car Wax Christmas Sale Extravaganza!

Car Wax Christmas Sale Extravaganza!

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on November 14th 2019
The Autobrite Direct Christmas sale has begun and for 2 weeks, we’ve dramatically reduced the price of hundreds of our reputable car detailing products, including our car waxing stocks! Whether you are looking for a gift for a petrol head for the festive period or just want to stock up for yourself while prices are low, you can now get some of our top car waxing products for unbelievably low prices!

Dazzle Blendz Car Wax

Our high gloss- show wax, Dazzle, is made up from a combination of high-grade waxes including carnauba, that work together to bring the paint job up to showing standard, perfect for those who want to share their pride and joy with the showing world. Alternatively, this wax can be used at home to give vehicles a boost and to protect them from the elements over the Winter. Either way, this car waxing product is the ideal festive treat and is now reduced from £70 to £50!

Liquid Gloss

The car waxing world is often divided when it comes to liquid wax vs solid wax, but at such low prices, there is no reason you can’t try both in our sale! Our Liquid Gloss product if just £5 and is easy to apply, has a liquorice scent and is a quick and easy way to apply protection, shine and polish to your vehicle. This product dries fast and unlike hard waxes, can be applied in layers to give even more protection against dirt, grime, water and road salt. What’s more, if you need a little top up between waxes, simply spray on Liquid Gloss and go!

Hellshine: The Abyss

Arguably the most durable liquid wax we offer, Hellshine Abyss can protect vehicles for up to a whole year! At the reduced price of just £20, we can’t think of a better investment that will last you for years if applied correctly. Offering superior gloss appearance and strength against contaminants, Hellshine will leave you staring at your paintwork in awe.


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