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Car Wax Explained

Car Wax Explained

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on August 23rd 2019
The chances are as a car detailing enthusiast, you’re familiar with good car wax and what it can do for the overall appearance of your car, but do you know the science behind car wax?

What Is It?

Car wax simply put is….well wax, but wax is a broad term for a number of both natural and synthetic materials. By the most basic definition, a wax describes a ‘hard hydrocarbon at room temperature’ and must be ‘naturally sourced’. That being said many car wax bases are natural, but they are enhanced with synthetic materials to make them spreadable across the surface of the car and to enhance its performance, improving shine, protection and polish.

What Does it Do?

Once applied to the surface, car wax will help to protect your car from scratches, marks, UV rays and water. By putting what is effectively a barrier layer between the clear coat and the rest of the world, your paintwork is shielded from the harsh effects of the elements. Water, in particular, is hard to avoid and damage to a vehicle, carrying pollutants and contamination that can transfer onto the paint causing fading, rusting and even staining. Wax will make your car ‘hydrophobic’ causing water to run off the paintwork, so you can rest assured it will be protected.

When Should It Be Applied?

As a naturally based product, car wax needs to be applied with care to ensure that the product functions as it is supposed to. In terms of when in your wash routine car wax should be applied, it should always be the last stage of the process. How often you should apply wax depends on the sort of driving you are doing. The minimum recommendation for any car is around three times per year, before the changing of a season and in between simple shampoo washes.


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