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Car Waxing in The Winter

Car Waxing in The Winter

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite Direct on January 17th 2020
Most see January as a bit of a gloomy month, with work back on and the festive season’s frivolity far behind us, not to mention the miserable weather. The car detailing gurus at Autobrite Direct have a little tidbit of information that will brighten up any car enthusiast’s month, however, in that despite it being one of the coldest months of the year, it’s the perfect time to undertake some car waxing!

What to Know

It is generally advisable to apply a full coat of wax before the very beginning of winter, before the persistent frosts to help to protect your vehicle from the plummeting temperatures and the moisture they bring. January proves a good time to do so as there are usually cool but dry days in abundance and these conditions create the perfect environment for car waxing. When the weather is above ten degrees wax quickly starts to melt and becomes harder to apply evenly. The colder temperatures help to keep the wax solid. It’s important to remember that the circular motion that you apply the wax with will too create friction and heat, melting the wax so don’t panic if at first, your wax seems too hard to apply, it will soften up.

The Best Waxes 

Solid wax is always the best option for car waxing in the winter as it is more robust and will last longer than its liquid counterparts, which means less time spent out on the drive in the cold and more time spent warming your toes. However, liquid wax is less susceptible to temperature changes so might be a quicker option for those looking to get the job done in the quickest possible amount of time. Our car waxing gurus recommend one full coat of solid wax, topped up with liquid wax when needed for protection that lasts all winter long!


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