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Causes Prevention and Removal of Hard Wa

Causes Prevention and Removal of Hard Wa

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on June 03rd 2019
Hard water spots are a big issue during the warmer months for car owners, and like the freckles of the automotive world, they become more obvious when exposed to the sun. Unlike freckles, hard water spots can be unsightly and make a car look untidy and unclean, so removing them when they form is the key to maintaining a good looking exterior.

What Causes Them?

Hard water spots form when water left on the paint evaporates, leaving behind the hard solids that were in the droplet and this is often caused by owners not drying their car properly. Of course, even those who take extra time to ensure the car is dry after a clean are susceptible to hard water spots from rain, driving through puddles or even parking near a water source. These dried-on solids may just be naturally occurring minerals or could be dirty contaminants like dirt, brake dust and oil picked up from the roads.

Removing Hard Water Spots

Although they are easy to pick up, there are ways and means to remove and prevent hard water spots from forming and eating away at your paint. To remove the spots, the first step is to wash your car using a car shampoo or decontamination solution to lift away the solid particles and remove them from the surface of the paint. Whether you choose a quick rinse, or a full shampoo and wax make sure that you dry the car thoroughly after you’ve cleaned using a microfibre cloth, which will lift away moisture without leaving fibres behind.


Unless you’re a regular washer, it’s highly recommended to apply a car wax, which will help prevent hard water spots from forming, by creating a uniform coating that repels contaminants. Whether you choose a spray on or solid wax, ensure that you buff off the product effectively to prevent smear marks or unevenness in the paintwork.


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