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Christmas Sale Rules

Christmas Sale Rules

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Jay Loftus on November 05th 2018
The AUTOBRITE XMAS SALE 2018! Up to 70% off storewide!

Here's Santa with a few sneak peaks of what to expect in our Christmas Sale!

Sale rules, terms & conditions:

1: Sale starts at 1PM on November 1st instore and online and will end promptly at 1pm on November 15th. Both the website, and the store will be closed until 1PM when the sale starts.

2: All sale items will be available from the launch of the SALE, no need to wait for additional deals to be added.

3: Online orders are processed on a first come, first served basis. no queue jumping. Next day delivery and weekend delivery options have been removed. Orders will be shipped in the order they are received.

4: Collect in store is NOT an option. If you turn up at the store asking for your internet order you will be turned away. We are just too busy to honour these requests.

5: We WILL get all sale orders out before Christmas, but this is the only timeline we are able to give. Please don't hound the team with phone calls and emails asking where your order is as this only slows the team down. If you have an URGENT request, please email the team and we will get back to you as soon as we are able to.

6: Orders are final, you cannot amend or add to an order once it is placed. It is a logistical nightmare to sift through thousands of orders and change items.

7: If you have missed something off an order, you will need to place a separate order.

8: Shipping rates have been reduced to a flat £4.50 per parcel (larger orders require more parcels) (UK mainland pricing only) (international shipping rates vary)

9: Loyalty Points have been suspended during the sale, you cannot earn OR redeem your loyalty points during the sale. We are giving you the lowest prices possible so we cannot allow Loyalty Points during this time.

10: Any promotional codes / discount codes have also been suspended for the same reason.

11: We have a very, very large stockpile of chemical products and do not envisage any stock shortages. However, product kits (ie: DB1 Kit) and accessories (ie: Towels, Apps etc) are in limited stock and will not last long. Don't miss out!

12. Fill your boots! This is by far our biggest and best sale EVER, so stock up and get all your Christmas gifts sorted too!

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