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Clean Up Your Act in 2020

Clean Up Your Act in 2020

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite Direct on January 21st 2020
If you’re looking to make improvements to your life this year, our car cleaning fanatics recommend that one of your resolutions should be to clean up your act – starting with your much-loved vehicles! Whether you’re a pious Sunday washer or an every-so-often sort of person, there are always improvements that can be made to your car cleaning routines, which will benefit your life in a number of ways. Not only will you have a sense of pride and achievement after pulling off a perfect clean but maintaining your car in this way will also help it to hold it’s resale value, so you can rest assured your assets are going to pay dividends.

Invest in Snow Foam

If you’re not already a snow foam prewash preacher, we recommend using 2020 to invest in one of our car cleaning revolutionary products. Applied through a snow foam lance this thick coat of foam can cover even large vehicles in a matter of minutes, where it gets to work lifting off dirt and grime, without the applier having to scrub, rub or even touch the vehicle. Simply leave it to dwell for the recommended time on the back of the bottle and then rinse away along with a large proportion of surface dust, dirt and grime.

Take it up a Notch

Many people opt not to give their car a coat of wax when they undertake car cleaning, instead leaving it to the professionals, but why not try something new and give it a go? The benefits of car waxing are innumerable, from making your car’s exterior gleam and shine, to reducing the appearance of scratches and marks. Although, we will admit, car waxing can be difficult as a beginner, it’ still worth having a go as if you don’t do a good job, it is easy to remove with a wax soluble shampoo or spray. Not to mention, you can find loads of tips for how to wax your car correctly, right here on the Autobrite website!


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