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Comprehensive Car Cleaning

Comprehensive Car Cleaning

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on July 03rd 2019
There is more to car cleaning than a quick shampoo on a summers day if you want to maintain a pristine finish and keep your car in top condition. Far from just being aesthetically pleasing, regularly conducting a thorough car cleaning can actually help prevent damage to the vehicle, which will, in turn, increase its resale value. Have a read through for our comprehensive guide to car cleaning.

Pre Wash Perfection

Most detailing enthusiasts will tell you that ensuring a thorough car clean is all about a touchless wash and while we like to encourage owners to do whatever they like to their cars, there are some obvious benefits. Start by using a pressure washer to coat the vehicle in snow foam, using a specially adapted lance to apply a thick layer. This formula will lift off the majority of dirt away, just leave it to dwell for some time and then rinse off, before starting your shampoo.

Superb Shampooing

How you shampoo when car cleaning is up to you, but many favour the mitt and soap method to ensure no dirt is missed. Simply dilute the car shampoo in a bucket of warm water and lather the suds across the outside of the car using a sponge or mitt in circular motions. We always recommend having a second bucket of clean water to rinse with, instead of using the same water with suds on that has likely collected debris from the dipping of the sponge.

Wax on, Wax Off!

Every good car cleaning ends with a wax which will help seal in the newfound freshness and protect the car from picking up more dirt in between cleans. You can choose a solid or spray on wax, but the principle of the application is the same, apply the wax and massage into the car, before buffing if off to create a smooth and uniformed finish.


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