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Get Some VA-VA--Voom!

Get Some VA-VA--Voom!

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on November 20th 2019
Winter can cause misery for proud car owners, detailers and industry professionals, particularly as this time of year brings with it, dirt, mud and contaminants that can be unkind to our vehicles. It’s hard to avoid road salt, which can damage paint, muddy leaves which inevitably get crushed into footwells and even rain that can mar a perfectly clean windscreen. But worry not, with Autobrite’s valeting services you can soon get your va-va-voom back!

Clean Up the Outside

Extra rainfall, road salt, snow and ice all contribute to a dirty exterior and combine to create that dull, greyish brown sludge that you so often see sprayed against the side of vehicles. This can be a particular problem for lighter coloured cars, but no car exterior is safe from the eroding power of road salt and brake dust that can fuse to the exterior. When you use our valeting services, our exterior valeting package won’t just shampoo your car, our team will expertly prewash the entire vehicle before using a safe 2 bucket rinse method to avoid scratches and leave you with a superior shine. Aside from removing dirt, we will also treat the car with our very own cherry glaze as well as a sealant enhancer, dressing and tyre treatment.

Clean Heart, Clean Soul

When you’re actually sat behind the wheel and driving, it’s easy to forget about the dirt on the outside of the car, but mess and dust on the inside of the car becomes very apparent. Having an unclean interior can be a cause of great distraction which is far from the ideal. Our interior valeting service covers everything from rubbish removal to heavy stain removal and leaves the inside of your car as clean as can possibly be. Our teams clear out the cab before hoovering and wiping down all surfaces with specifically chosen products before applying dressings, air fresheners and paper mats for the final inspection.

Find out more about our valeting services here.


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