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Give Some Va-va-voom This Valentines Day

Give Some Va-va-voom This Valentines Day

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on February 10th 2020
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you’re shopping for the car enthusiast in your life or just want to show some love to your vehicle, there is agreat range of car detailing gifts that are bound to make your heart beat a little faster! Whether you’ve been together for years and you just want to present a small gesture or you’re looking to really show off with an extravagant purchase, we’ve got some of our most romantic picks below.

Snow Much Love

If you’re looking for a gift that will be both appreciated because of its practicality and its impressiveness, then snow foam and snow foam lances are sure to hit the mark. After all, there’s nothing quite as romantic as snowfall! This formula is well known in the car detailing industry and can help cut the time spent cleaning a car by acting as a prewash and lifting away anything from mild dust to heavy dirt.

Something Sparkly

For a gift that dazzles in the sun, car wax is the perfect treat. There’s solid or spray on providing a gift option for even the pickiest of car detailers and the application of this car detailing product will make vehicles paintwork look spectacular. By creating a uniform coating on the outside of the paint job, the wax reflects light, protecting the car from UV damage and giving off a shiny aesthetic.

Freshen Up

Like any relationship, the honeymoon period fizzles out and both parties have to work hard to freshen up their relationship. When the new car smell has worn off, many begin to neglect their cars interior, focusing solely on the outside, but with our range of car detailing air fresheners, you can inject some passion back into the cab!

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