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How Often Should I Wax My Car?

How Often Should I Wax My Car?

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on September 30th 2019
The exterior of a car has many enemies, from rain and shine to tree sap and bird droppings – it seems like the world is out to get your paint job! As professional detailers, we know that the only way to protect your car from elemental damage is to hand wax it, regularly. Not only will regularly waxing your car help prevent damage but will also increase its resale value and make it easier to clean between waxes.

How Often to Wax Your Car

Autobrite Direct recommend waxing your car at least 3 times a year, every 4 months or at the very least once before the summer and once before the winter. This way the paint will be protected from tree spa, harsh UV rays and bird droppings in the summer and be armed against road salt, hail and snow in the winter – all of which are particularly damaging elements.

How to Test if Your Car Needs Waxing

It can be difficult to keep track of when you last applied car wax to your vehicle and a variety of factors such as where you live, where you store the car & how often you drive it will affect how often you actually need to do it. To test if you need to car wax, simply splash some water onto the surface of the paint, if it beads up and runs off you don’t need to wax if it doesn’t then you should get applying.

Methods of Car Waxing

To get an adequate layer of car wax on your vehicle you can either take it to a professional detailer like Autobrite or purchase some of our stocks and have a go yourself. If you’re planning on re-waxing it is vital to always wash your car with a good quality shampoo beforehand to remove any residual wax from the last application. Then dry it with a microfibre towel before applying small amounts of wax in circular motions before finally buffing it off.


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