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How To Choose The Best Snow Foams

How To Choose The Best Snow Foams

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on August 22nd 2019
The premise of snow foams is pretty simple, spray a thick coat onto a vehicle and remove 80% of the dirt before undertaking a contact wash. But snow foams have been a pretty hot topic in the detailing world, which I a testament to just how complex the formula can be! So, what should you look for to get the best snow foams?

Colour & Concentration

As one of the most popular products in the car detailing world, there are naturally hundreds of brands with their own variation. The two key elements to consider when getting the best snow foam are the concentration of the formula and the colour. While there are many coloured snow foams available, it’s best to try and steer clear of these, particularly if you have a light-coloured car as they can stain the vehicle and create more difficulty with your detail. Snow foams also come in a variety of concentrations which can affect thickness and quantity produced, so make sure you get the appropriate one for your needs.

pH Neutral or Not?

Whether or not you opt for pH neutral snow foams or not is largely down to personal preference but there are some key differences. Alkaline (neutral) formulas can strip wax from cars, particularly if you choose to go for a higher concentrate. This issue is easily resolved by simply diluting the solution to your liking, giving you more control of how much dirt the snow foam removes. With Ph Neutral formulas the cleaning capabilities are consistent and if you’re looking for a product that won’t inhibit your previous wax job, then this is the more practical solution.

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