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How To Clean Your Car Interior Like A Pr

How To Clean Your Car Interior Like A Pr

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on May 02nd 2019
Cleaning the interior of a car isn’t difficult but it can be time-consuming and fiddly because of the many different nooks and crannies where dirt and dust can hide. While car detailing enthusiasts clean their car exterior often, many do not clean the inside at the same time, as it isn’t exposed to weather and road much, but as you spend most of your time on the inside of the car, having a gleaming interior is bound to make you beam with pride!

Dust the Dash

Once you’ve removed all the rubbish and any car seats or clutter from the car, the best place to start is with the dashboard. Start by using a microfibre cloth to lift away dust and then treat the dash with a cleaner such as Hellshine Interior Cleaner, which will clean off any fingerprints, dirt or debris.

Wash the Windows

Clean windows don’t just look great, they ensure that you have an unobstructed view of the road when driving, but all too often people spend hours gleaming the outside to a streak-free shine, only for the inside to be grimy. Simply spray on a product such as Autobrite’s Crystal Glass Cleaner, wipe off and you’ll be left with sparkling windows.

Invest in The Interiors

As the part of the car that sees the most daily wear, keeping your seats in top condition can be a challenge. Even the most enthused car detailer shudders at the thought of the arduous job of upholstery cleaning, but we’ve got a range of products to make it easier! We have solutions for both fabric and leather cleaning, each specially formulated to lift grime with ease and leave your seats smelling and looking fresh.


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