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How to Clean Your Snow Foam Cannon

How to Clean Your Snow Foam Cannon

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on July 12th 2019
If you are a proud owner of the Autobrite snow foam cannon and you’ve noticed a drop in the performance, don’t worry – it’s not broken, it probably just needs a thorough clean! As car detailers, we’re passionate about getting the best from our tools and believe it or not, even the things we use to clean our cars need cleaning themselves occasionally. We’ve put together a step by step guide on how best to clean your snow foam cannon.

First Things First

Remove the bottle part of the snow foam cannon – this can simply be cleaned with hot water and soap, sterilising solution or even just disinfectant. That will leave you with the head of the snow foam cannon, and you’ll see a small rod that sits horizontally inside of the nozzle. Push this out using a tool with a small diameter or a small nail head, you should feel it come loose and pop out of the adjacent side. This will allow you to remove the spray adjuster for cleaning and expose the metal part of the adjuster, which should next be removed with a spanner.

Up Next

Once removed, you should be able to see a gauze inside of the snow foam cannon, tease this out for cleaning or if it is in a bad state of disrepair, you can find replacements on our website. If you are going to clean the gauze, just place it into a bowl and cover with your chosen cleaning fluid, household cleaners that are safe for metal surfaces will work just fine. Leave the gauze submerged in the solution for at least one hour, or longer if it is particularly clogged.

Clean the Components

In order to clean both the brass and plastic elements of the snow foam cannon, take a soft-bristled, clean detailing brush, or even a toothbrush and work in a cleaning solution, ensuring to scrape at any stuck-on grime or dust, before running both under hot water until there are no suds left. Once your gauze has been sufficiently soaked, rinse and reassemble your snow foam cannon.


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