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How To Snow Foam a Car

How To Snow Foam a Car

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on July 16th 2019
Using snow foam car shampoo either as a prewash or as a standalone cleaning method can be an extremely time-effective way to clean your car. Not to mention, if you’re a keen detailer it can be rewarding and even fun! But just like any hobby, snow foam can be applied with a number of techniques with those in the industry seeking out new ways to make products go further or achieve better results. We’ve tried and tested a few of these over the years, so we’ve got you covered!

When to Apply?

Believe it or not, the time at which you apply your snow foam car shampoo can hugely influence effectiveness. These products work best when applied to a moderately or lightly soiled paint job, immediately encapsulating dirt particles and clinging to them, before running off the vehicle. If your vehicle is heavily soiled, we recommend rinsing off the paint with a pressure washer before applying to get the best results. It’s also advisable to check the weather if it’s a reasonably warm day its best to apply snow foam in the shade to avoid the product drying onto the paint.

How to Apply

The different types of snow foam car wash and their application processes will differ between products, based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. There are, however, a few steadfast rules when it comes to coating your vehicle with it. Firstly, a jet wash is pretty much a must-have in order to spray a thick coat onto a vehicle, the type of lance you use, however, will depend on where you’re intending to spray the snow foam. A traditional straight lance is ideal for application to the exterior of the car whereas a slightly curved lance is suited to cleaning the underside and roof of the car.


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