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How-To: Tyre Cleaning

How-To: Tyre Cleaning

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on July 21st 2019
Car paintwork gets cleaned frequently, but tyres don’t always get the thorough cleaning they should. Many people are put off knowing that the alloys are delicate and easy to mark, but with the right process, this needn’t be a worry. Our how-to of tyre cleaning will identify all the right tools and products so that you can have gleaming wheels!

Choose the Right Product

As with all elements of car detailing choosing the right tyre cleaning product is the most important step. With an effective solution, there’s no need to chip away or scrub at the alloy eliminating the risk of scratches or marks occurring. It’s best to start with a gentle formula such as a non-acidic wheel cleaner and see how this performs against dirt and grime. Something like our Very Cherry works well on slightly soiled alloys and works to remove dirt. However, if there is lots of brake dust fusing to the wheel, our purple rain fallout remover will help lift these baked-on contaminants.

Brush It In

Many people make the mistake of opting for a stiff brush or a household scrubbing brush to work the tyre cleaning product into the crevices, but this mistake causes marks and scratches. The safest option is to use brushes that have been designed specifically for the job as they are made from safer materials and will not inhibit the appearance of the wheel. Once you’ve applied and worked in your product, leave it to dwell for maximum cleaning, but ensure you check the manufacturer’s instructions.


The final step in tyre cleaning is to restore the appearance of both the wheel and the alloy by using a sealant or dressing. This will help prevent marks from scarring the appearance of the wheel and will make soiling harder, ensuring that the next time you come to clean your wheels, there is less dirt and grime to remove and therefore an easier job at hand!


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