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Is It Good to Wax Your Car?

Is It Good to Wax Your Car?

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on September 11th 2019

Is it good to wax your car? Many people neglect to spend a little bit of extra time car waxing after they’ve cleaned their vehicle, and others believe that it is unnecessary as today's modern-day paints are robust. While this is true, research suggests that even with sturdier paintwork, car waxing can help prolong the appearance and shine of a car and protect the vehicle from surface damage. Here are our 4 reasons why it is absolutely necessary to wax your car!

Protected Against Scratches

Even though most new cars roll out of the showroom with a protective layer, it is still advisable to wax this layer, to prevent it and then the paintwork underneath from being scratched. It only takes one abrasion to break this protective layer and for the paintwork to be put in danger, so protecting it with car waxing is vital to those who want to avoid scuffs.

Colour Protection

All vehicles are put under strain from the environment, with UV rays, tree sap and road salts all affecting the appearance of the paint over time and reducing the resale value. Faded, rusty or marked cars are costly to repair, but with car waxing, you can ensure that the colour stays as vibrant as the day you bought it.

Reduction in Cost of Maintenance

Proper care of the exterior of the car from the beginning of ownership can help to lower the cost of repairs incurred from damages to the car due to oxidation and scratching. By reducing the risk of these occurrences by car waxing in the first place, you are a lot less likely to have to spend money on superficial repairs and maintenance.

Easy to Use

These days, car wax is readily available and easy to use at home and there are several advanced technologies in place which make the application process quick. No longer to vehicle owners have to spend a whole day waxing their car, the same level of protection can be achieved with spray-on waxes which are as simple as a spray, wipe, buff.


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