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Keep Car Detailing Spray Handy!

Keep Car Detailing Spray Handy!

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on October 28th 2019
Car detailing spray is a vital part of any car detailers kit and has many uses both inside and outside of the car. But unless you’re a car care enthusiast, it’s unlikely that you will know exactly how this product can be employed to boost the appearance of your car. Not to worry, our detailing experts have some tips to help you achieve car detailing perfection.

Quickly Remove Smudges

For those who like their car to look like it just rolled out of a showroom all the time, car detailing spray can be a lifesaver. Spritz a little bit onto a cloth and work into the car to quickly remove smudges or fingerprints, both on the car’s exterior a well as on the dashboard, leather seats and plastic or chrome parts. Keep a bottle in the car for easy access and quick cleaning when out on the road and keep your car looking tip-top.

Easy Clay Application

If you are using a clay wax to detail your car, it’s important to lubricate the clay to prevent ‘skid’ marks and an un-even texture from forming. Using a car detailing spray for this purpose will help the clay to be smoothly applied and will improve the overall application, both in terms of appearance and time consumption.

A Wax Boost

Car detailing spray is designed to be used after a car has been waxed to give an edge to the shine and boost the appearance of the car. Generally, the layer of wax will start to fade over time and detailing spray offers a quick solution to boost the shine between waxes, making it ideal for those who like to maintain that freshly waxed look.

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