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Keep Your Car Looking Good for Longer

Keep Your Car Looking Good for Longer

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on May 22nd 2019
Everybody wants to maintain that new car feeling and keep their car looking fresh for as long as possible but finding the time can be a challenge. We’ve got some hints and tricks to keep your car looking good for longer, the secret is to use the right products!

Welcome the Wash

We can’t stress just how important washing your car regularly is, particularly if you want a pristine exterior. While contact washes are great for those in a rush, overtime they can cause a build-up of product that takes even more effort to buff out. Using a product such as a snowfoam wash and opting for a contactless wash is much better for the car’s exterior and is actually easier than rubbing away with a sponge. Just spray on and let the snowfoam lift the dirt for you.

Don’t Skip Drying

Many of us are guilty of letting our cars air dry, but this too can cause unwelcome watermarks on the cars glass, paint and wheels, which can make your car look dirtier than when you started! Use a microfibre cloth to absorb leftover water after rinsing to ensure that these droplets don’t have time to dry onto the surface. Once the car is thoroughgoingly dry, use a detailing spray all over to lock in the job.

Perfect Your Protection

If you are really serious about keeping your car looking good for longer, using protective dressings, sealants or car wax is a vital part of the detailing process. All of these products form a protective layer on the surface that stays put to help defend against dirt and grime building up and protecting from damaging elements like the sun and tree sap. Whatever protective product you opt for, make sure to keep it regularly topped up to ensure a superior shine.


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