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New Year, New Prospects with Franchising

New Year, New Prospects with Franchising

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on December 27th 2019
A new year is all about new starts and if you’re looking to change up your career, start a new business, work for yourself or even just try something totally new, then Autobrite’s franchising is a fantastic opportunity. Franchisees will be able to run their very own car detailing mobile shop, selling products to retail and trade customers as well as providing demonstrations safe in the knowledge that you are supported and backed by a globally recognised brand. As we like to say 'supported by us, driven by you'.

Where Can I Work?

When you choose to become a franchisee with Autobrite, we will assign you your very own ‘territory’ which will be large enough to provide a healthy and profitable number of opportunities, without being so large that the workload is unmanageable. Within your bespoke patch, there will be a number of eligible customers, such as motor dealers, valeters, detailers, flee companies, coach firms and refurbishment centres, so you can rest assured no 2 days will be the same.

Do I Need Previous Experience?

Changing career paths can be a daunting particularly if you have never worked for yourself, in sales or as part of a franchise, but with Autobrite, you will have intensive training and ongoing support from our experienced franchise manager, Dan Hanson. Before we let you loose on the roads, you will undergo our Approved Training Programme which covers everything from the products in our range to sales raining and we’re on hand to answer any of your questions. What set’s Autobrite apart, is that even when you’re an accredited franchisee, we’re available via our care line to answer any questions you may have.

Why Autobrite?

You might be asking yourself why franchise with Autobrite and there are many good reasons why. We’re a globally established brand with an arsenal of reliable products that customers know as credible, good value and cost-effective and selling products with such a stellar reputation makes your job a little easier. Additionally, we’re a financially stable company that has been growing and growing since we started back in 2005, so much so that we recently moved into a new 24,000 square foot premises, so you can run your franchise safe in the knowledge that there is great opportunities for progression and growth.

For more information about franchising with Autobrite or to get involved call Dan Hanson 01782315632 option 3.


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