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Our Top Three Car Waxes

Our Top Three Car Waxes

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on September 17th 2019

Car wax is one of the most recognisable car detailing products that there is, with most car owners purchasing it at some point during their car-owning life. Whether there’s a tub at the back of the garage somewhere that gets used on special occasions or there’s one handy in the glove box for emergency maintenance, every car can benefit from a good car wax being applied at least twice a year. There are several types available in many forms including, solid, paste and spray, so which is the best for the job?

Dazzle – High Gloss Show

If you’re a regular in the car showing circuit, then you’ll know that only the very best shine will do when it comes to competitions. The Autobrite Dazzle Ultimate High Gloss Show Car Wax is part of the Blenz range and provides glossiness and colour depth that is sure to get the crowds drawn in. The formula is a blend of T1 carnauba wax and high-quality gloss enhancing agents and oils that give it a wet look finish.

Ballad Ceramic Wax

Our Ballad ceramic infused car wax has been in development for over 2 years, using the highest grade of naturally occurring waxes to create a slick and smooth finish. Unlike traditional carnauba waxes which are porous the ceramic infusion of Ballad works alongside the porous layer effectively filling pores to create a uniform layer of protection. The result is a car wax with self-cleaning properties, unrivalled gloss and durability of around 6 months!             

Carbanuba Creme Wax

Autobrite’s banana scented crème car wax Car-ban-uba is a one of a kind product, offering the same level of protection as a traditional hard wax, but with a drastically reduced application time. This hydrophobic formula is made up of luxurious montane wax and microcrystalline wax which help water to slide off the surface of the paint and provide a warm yellow glow to the paint.


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