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Perfect Your Prewash

Perfect Your Prewash

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on May 07th 2019
While many people jump straight into washing their car with shampoo, detailing enthusiasts know that the prewash is one of the most important stages if you’re looking to achieve a superior finish. A good prewash ritual can help set up for a swirl-free wash and sets the precedent for any further detailing treatments. Perfecting you pre-wash will also help you maintain your work for a longer period of time, meaning less time spent cleaning and more time spent enjoying your vehicle.

Snow Foam Wash

The first stage of a prewash should be a quick rinse using a pressure washer, to help lift extremely loose debris such as leaves, dust and grit from the cars paintwork, but following this, the best course of action is to coat the car in a thick snow foam wash. Snow foam works by sitting on the surface of the paintwork and lifting dirt, bug splatter and salt that may be more attached to the car, by reacting with it and loosening. Often missed out, this prewash stage can significantly reduce swirl marks later on in the process, as these contaminants become free and become easily spread around as you wash.


During the snow foam wash stage, it is a good idea to pay attention to more intricate areas such as door handles and fuel caps, making sure to lift and work the snow foam wash into these areas, to remove any trapped debris. After using a snow foam applicator to apply the solution, use a small detailing brush to work it into these hidden areas to be sure to decontaminate both visible and non-visible areas of the car, otherwise when you rinse, more dirt may creep out and stick to the paintwork.


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