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Reasons to Invest in A Snow Foam Kit

Reasons to Invest in A Snow Foam Kit

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on July 17th 2019
When it comes to getting a superior clean on your car, the secret is all in the snow foam kit. This nifty piece of kit is used by professionals the world over and is one of the most recognisable products on the auto detailing market. Using a snow foam kit is simple, quick and effective so it’s easy to see why it is trusted by car enthusiasts all over. So, why should you invest in a snow foam kit for your car?


It’s no secret that car cleaning products can be costly and so home detailers are always looking for something that goes that little bit further. As snow foam kit is used in conjunction with a pressure washer, so only a small amount of solution is required to create a thick coating on the body of the car, not to mention very little water when compared to a bucket a sponge prewash. Applying snow foam also removes a lot of debris from the car's body, meaning later in the cleaning process, less shampoo and cleaning agents will be required to achieve a flawless finish.


Our snow foam kit includes a heavy-duty bottle and is simply constructed, making it easy to self-service. Comprised of the bottle, gauze and an adjustable spray nozzle, this car detailing equipment is easy to take apart and the separate parts are readily available and easy to replace in the event of (extremely rare) breakage or erosion. What’s more, if you upgrade or change your brand of pressure washer, there are a range of connectors available so there’s no need to throw out your snow foam kit! Simply purchase a new adjuster and get back to car detailing in a jiffy.

For more information about our snow foam kit or any of our car detailing products please visit our website.


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