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Snow Foams 101

Snow Foams 101

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on August 19th 2019
Snow foams are one of those rare products that have taken the detailing world by storm, with no signs of its popularity slowing down. A favourite with professional detailers, the simplicity of application of snow foam makes it easy to use at home too, meaning that thick foam with super dirt gripping power is no longer reserved for the pros. But what makes snow foams such a fantastic addition to a car detailing product arsenal?

Brightening Benefits

Snow foams are a prewash method that creates a super clingy foam when sprayed through a snow foam lance attached to a pressure washer. This snow foam then sits on the surface of the car drawing away everything from light dust to heavy debris in a flash making the rest of your car cleaning easier. Unlike traditional prewash methods with a bucket and sponge, snow foams offer a contactless wash which reduces the chances of further contamination or the redistribution of dirt and eliminates the need to use an implement that could mar the cars paint.

Ph Neutral

Like most car cleaning products, the effectiveness of snow foams is attributed to its chemical make-up, but the only one to carefully consider is whether or not to choose a pH neutral formula. Neutral formulas are gentler on the car's paintwork so is a good option for those with valuable cars or those showing a car that needs to look their best. Non pH natural snow foams tend to be harsher on paint but have superior cleaning power, removing more dirt more efficiently. If you are concerned about the paint, you can mitigate some of the effects by ensuring you give the car a thorough wash and wax which will help to protect it.


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