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Spray Wax vs Solid Wax

Spray Wax vs Solid Wax

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on August 09th 2019
Regularly waxing your car will help to protect the paintwork from debris and marking by forming a uniform layer on the paintwork. However, it is well known that a good car wax can mean labour of love, taking a long time and meticulous application to create a tight seal against the elements and spray wax was developed to try and reduce the time it takes to protect a vehicle. Every car enthusiast will have a different opinion about which is their preferred type of wax but if you’re on the fence, read our comparison of spray waxes and solid waxes!


Spray car wax provides a quick alternative to the application of solid wax, with the spray wax being much quicker and generally easier to apply. The principle remains the same and for a good covering of wax, an equal amount should be applied to all areas of the car and measuring spray wax is much simpler than solid wax, simply apply the same number of squirts to each panel and work in. However, spray car wax tends not to be as robust as clay or paste waxes and wear off faster. But this being said, they are perfect for topping up wax jobs between detailing sessions.

Paste or Clay

Solid car wax has the advantage that it can be applied by hand or using a machine polisher so can cater to the different preferences. Solid waxes tend to be available in a wider range of colours than their spray counterparts so if you’re looking to boost the colour vibrancy of your vehicle, you’re more likely to find a colour match in solid waxes. The biggest advantage of this sort of car wax is that the protection tends to outlast that of spray waxes, so although the initial application can take a while, you will have to complete a full wax less frequently with solid wax.


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