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Spring Clean Your Detailing

Spring Clean Your Detailing

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on May 22nd 2019
Now that spring has arrived, car detailing enthusiasts have a few more extra hours of daylight to really get to work on their beloved vehicles. Unfortunately, Spring also sees a rise in tree sap, bird droppings and dryer conditions which all negatively impact the aesthetics of a car, particularly if they aren’t dealt with promptly. Many people make the mistake of easing off the pedal on their car care during in Spring, falsely believing that the wet whirlwind of winter is over, and their car will be better off this season, but this is simply not the case. Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips on how to spring clean your detailing!

Mild Conditions

While the sunny days might seem like the perfect time to wash your car, but the fast-drying warm temperatures can actually ruin all your hard work in an instant. Letting a car air dry after a wash can cause leftover product to dry onto the paint and create swirl marks and blotches, which over time can cause unevenness. On hot days, this problem is accelerated as the car will begin to dry before you’ve even finished rinsing, so opting for a mild and overcast day is the better option.

Wheel Washing

Following winter, wheels are no doubt thick with dirt, salt and brake dust which is a cocktail of contaminants that slowly erode the wheel. Spring is the ideal time to remove this debris using a fallout remover to make sure the damaging chemicals are lifted from the alloys. Although generally there is less road debris to stick to tyres in Spring it’s important to use a protective product to ward of brake dust build-ups and ensure the wheels are in the best possible condition.


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