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Start Strong with Snow Foam

Start Strong with Snow Foam

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Jay Loftus on April 04th 2019
Car detailing enthusiasts strive for the best when it comes to cleaning their cars and nothing less than a showroom shine will do. But even the most dedicated detailers out there don’t always have hours to spend polishing their car back to its former glory. Choosing the right products can not only help shorten the time you need to spend on the job but can drastically improve the appearance when compared to shampoo cleaning. Snow foam is one such product which can be used as a pre-wash or as a touchless wash, dependant on the car owner’s preference.

Why Use Snow Foam?

Snow foam is widely regarded as one of the best car cleaning products, thanks to its quick and easy application. Industry professionals and home enthusiasts alike can benefit from snow foam, providing they have a snow foam adaptor for their pressure washer. Simply attach the snow foam lance, fill up with your chosen brand and set the pressure, before coating your vehicle in a thick spray. The solution will stick to the surface of the car, lifting away dirt and grime without the need for labour intensive cleaning.

What Are the Advantages?

Using snow foam to detail your vehicle gives the car a contactless wash, simply apply, leave on and then rinse after a few minutes. Contactless washes are a detailer’s dream as they reduce the unattractive swells and wash marks and significantly decreases the chances of scratches and other damage to the overall paintwork. See our snow foam wash range order yours today!


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