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Terrific Tyre Cleaners

Terrific Tyre Cleaners

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on June 20th 2019
Detailing your vehicle's tyres and wheels can be a laborious job, so much so that many people choose to skip a thorough clean and opt for a quick rinse down. But with the right tyre cleaner, you can cut the job timescale down and spend more time marvelling at your pristine car!

Purple Rain

This tyre cleaner is a great starting point for wheel cleaning and works by removing the most stubborn of contaminants; brake dust. These metallic components are hard to avoid and even more difficult to remove, often fusing to the surface of alloys and leaving nicks and marks that can’t be undone cheaply. Purple rain tyre cleaner reacts with brake dust particles on contact and dissolves them instantly so you can protect your wheels against any lasting damage.

Very Cherry

The debate as to whether to use an acidic tyre cleaner, or not, is a hot one in the detailing industry, but whichever side of the fence you’re on, our very cherry will clean up in no time. Available as a wheel acid or as a non-acidic formula, these tyre cleaners are formulated with superior cleaning agents that remove contaminants and contains brightening agents to lift the look of your wheels. However, these cleaning agents are strong and can cause skin irritation so be sure to wear gloves when applying.


Developed to tackle the toughest of cleaning jobs the Hellshine tyre cleaner removes heavy dirt, baked on wheel dust and tarnish from the wheel surface with ease. The thick blood red formula clings to grime and is simple to use, there is no need to dilute just spray on and let the formula get to work removing all evil marks and banishing them to hell!

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