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The A-Z of Car Detailing

The A-Z of Car Detailing

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on July 01st 2019
Whether you’re new to the world of car detailing or have been into a store and been confronted with some jargon you couldn’t quite work out, our A-Z of car detailing terms will better your knowledge of the industry terminology.

A – AOI stands for “all in one” and refers to any product that cleans, protects and glosses at the same time.

B – Body Shop Safe refers to properties of certain chemicals and demonstrates that the product will not interfere with the paintwork in an undesirable way.

C – Carnauba is a type of premium quality car wax made from mostly naturally occurring waxes.

D –Degreaser is a solvent that unwanted grease or oil build up from a part of the car.

E – Enthusiasts refers to a car detailer who is not qualified but can carry out the work to a desirable level.

F – Foam Lanceis an attachment for a pressure washer that allows snow foam to be applied to a car with varying levels of thickness.

G – Glaze a product that offers a high gloss finish and is applied in place of or after waxing.

H – Headliner the interior covering of the roof part usually made from vinyl.

I – Industrial Fallout refers to iron particles embedded with the paint, which are a culmination of break dust and environmental debris.

J – Java Wax a wax that provides a protective layer but in a gloss style finish.

K – kWh stands for kilowatt hour which is a way of measuring energy consumption of electronics such as pressure washers or machine polishers.

L – LSP is short for last step protection and refers to the final step taken for paint protection.

M – Micro Suede is a synthetic fabric used in car interiors that is similar to natural suede but is more robust.

N – Nilfisk the high-pressure hose connecting a pressure washer to an external lance.

O – Orange Peel refers to a bumpy painted exterior caused by erosion and warping.

P – Paint Gauges a precision instrument used to measure the paint films thickness over a substrate.

Q – Quick Detailer is a liquid that helps lubricate the towel during the cleaning process and removes loose dirt.

R – Random Orbital Buffers are attached to the buffing plate of a machine polisher to help spread product evenly.

S – Short Cycle is the fast arm movement used to decelerate car polish and correcting the paints finish.

T – Two Step is a paint correction technique involving compounding and polishing.

U – Under Body Lance refers to a pressure washer attachment that arches to reach the underside of the car.

V – Vinyl is a strong plastic polymer used throughout vehicles to construct components such as dashboards and seat coverings

W – Weathering refers to the deterioration of car components due to naturally occurring events like rain and dust build up.

X – Xtra Care- products with this labelling are usually gentler and non-abrasive.

Y – Yellow Banana Gloss is a fruity scented synthetic gloss available in our store!

Z – Zesty Citrus Wash isan Autobrite car shampoo with a fresh scented orange smell.


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