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The Devil is In the Detail

The Devil is In the Detail

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on October 18th 2019
As a car care enthusiast, it’s likely that you are well versed in the benefits a good detailing can have on your beloved vehicle. Aside from restoring your car’s luxurious show room shine and giving a glorious gleam to the exterior, car detailing can help to protect your vehicle from damage and ensure that you can drive proud for longer. Car detailing is more important than ever at this time of year, with winter on the horizon, the elements will be working against you, here’s why the devil is in the detail.

Clean, Lean & Mean

Once autumn has set in and winter is on the way, the weather forecasts get gloomier and the rain begins to fall heavier, faster and harder creating adverse driving conditions. Not only will your brake distance be increased, but also the amount of debris your car accumulates will too. Ground down leaves, overflown drain dirt and the loose road surface is all caught up in the puddles and rainwater that you drive through, which soon finds itself stuck to the cars paint. Car detailing helps to remove dirt and debris and helps protect your vehicle with waxes, polishes and sealants, so these contaminants slide off and are less likely to damage the car.

Get the Engine Revving 

Typically, driving in Autumn and Winter is more dangerous than at warmer times of the year, with heavy rain obscuring vision and freezing road surfaces to contend with. Keeping your car in optimum shape will not only help with your peace of mind but will actually make it safer to drive, particularly where the engine is concerned. While most car owners will complete prewinter checks such as coolant, oil and screen wash top ups, many forget that for an engine to work safely it must be clear of debris and dirt build up. Make sure to degrease your engine for optimum performance and to apply a dressing to prevent further grime build up.


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