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The Three W’s of Waxing Your Car

The Three W’s of Waxing Your Car

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on October 25th 2019
It’s well known that car waxing can not only lift the appearance of your car’s paint job but can protect against contaminants and damage that can be irreversible. In spite of this, very few people take the time to wax their beloved vehicles which can have expensive consequences. These days, it’s no longer necessary to take your car to a professional to have it waxed, with many car waxes available to buy and plenty of articles to help you along, every car owner can protect their car from the comfort of their own home.


The first part to tackle is deciding which sort of car wax you need to achieve your required results. If you’re looking for a basic car wax to help protect your car from the elements, it’s best to opt for a hard wax made from mostly natural ingredients. For those looking to show their cars, extra shine may be needed so it’s advisable to opt for a polymer-based product with a high gloss finish. If your car has been waxed recently and the shine has faded and you want to give it a boost, a spray wax is a quick way to top up the wax job in a short amount of time.


For a car that is protected all year round, it’s advisable to complete a thorough car waxing at least every 3 months, ensuring that you use a shampoo strong enough to remove it between waxes, to prevent build-up that can cause an uneven appearance. However, if you are showing your vehicle it may be advisable to complete a car wax in the days leading up to the event, to achieve a superior shine and reduce the chance of fading.


Simply put, car waxing creates a clear and impenetrable layer just over the surface of the cars paint that prevents damaging contaminants from fusing to, reacting with or marring the appearance of the exterior of the car and reflects light, helping to boost overall shine.


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