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The Ultimate Wheel Cleaning Kit Bag

The Ultimate Wheel Cleaning Kit Bag

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on May 04th 2019
Keeping wheels clean is an ongoing battle for car detailers, with dirt, road grime and brake dust building up every time you take it out for a spin. Not only does this make the wheels look dirty, but brake dust can also be harmful and as the tyres get warmer driving longer distances, it begins to chip away at the alloys and fuse to the surface of rims. We’ve put together the ultimate wheel cleaner kit bag, so you can fight with fury to keep your trims in top condition.

Wheel Cleaner

First, you need to select the right sort of wheel cleaner for your vehicle. Most cleaners are either acidic or non-acidic and there is no thin line between the 2. While acidic tyre cleaners are formulated to react with the chemicals in brake dust and loosen it with ease, they can be damaging to certain surfaces such as chrome or anodized materials. If your rim cleaner needs to be suitable for these surfaces, it’s best to choose a non-acidic version but this will take a bit of working in.

Wheel Brushes

Working in wheel cleaner requires a specialised sort of wheel brush and again dependent on the materials you are cleaning. There are softer and stiffer brushes, with softer versions suited to more delicate materials like chrome, where a harder brush might leave scratches or marks. Wheel brushes also come in a variety of sizes which are used to create greater levels of detail on the wheel. A large all-rounder will do the surface of the wheel while smaller ones are suited to cracks and crevices deeper in the wheel.

Tyre Dressings

After cleaning your wheels and working hard to eliminate unsightly dirt, applying a dressing can help to create a lasting finish and protect from future build-ups. Wheel dressings are available for both the wheels itself and they tyre, with gloss and matt finishes available.


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