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Tyre Cleaning Step by Step

Tyre Cleaning Step by Step

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on May 22nd 2019
When cleaning your car, it’s important to consider every element that might deteriorate if not maintained. While many people spend hours deliberating over the paintwork, all too often the wheels get a quick rub down and are left with harmful contaminants eating away at the alloys. Invest in a good tyre cleaner and the proper technique to prolong the life span of your wheels and get a consistent finish.

1.Swill the wheels with water remove loose dirt and dust and to prime the tyre for the tyre cleaner.

2.Prepare your tyre cleaner and dilute to manufacturers instructions ensuring that your selected choice is suitable for the material of your alloys. We recommend using a non-acidic and highly concentrated solution.

3. Apply the tyre cleaner to the entirety of the wheel making sure to work it in between spokes and in the crevices, leaving it to dwell for up to 5 minutes.

4.Use a long-handled brush to clean the barrels and a short-handled brush to clean the spokes, before moving on to using a soft detailing brush to finally clean the face and address any areas that may have been missed.

5.Rinse the tyre cleaner from the wheels and dry thoroughly.

6.If there is still fallout and brake dust left behind, consider using a fallout remover. Apply sparingly and allow for a chemical reaction to take place before working the solution in with a soft detailing brush.

7.Rinse off the fallout remover and dry the wheel thoroughly with a microfibre cloth.

8.Apply a tyre sealant sparingly to the wheel making sure there is a thin coating across the alloy. Although this stage is not essential to the cleaning of the wheel it will help to prevent build ups and protect the wheel, making future cleans easier to carry out.

9.Remove the sealant after a few moments using a microfibre towel and apply a tyre dressing to the surface of the wheel.


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