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Valeting Services for Car Sales

Valeting Services for Car Sales

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite Direct on March 02nd 2020
The days are getting longer and brighter and the second-hand car market starts to boom once again! Now that the dismal grey and wet conditions are passing, people start hunting for new vehicles be it for business, pleasure or necessity so it’s the ideal time to get your car on the market if you’ve been considering selling. Autobrite’s valeting services can help get your vehicle in the best condition for sale and could even improve the resale value – here’s why you should consider booking in!

Picture Perfect

Most people opt to sell their cars on the internet so that they can get a quick sale and reach the most interested potential buyers for the make and model. Listing a for sale advert requires pictures of the car to be uploaded and when there are so many new adverts appearing daily, the photos must stand out and grab attention. Our valeting services can remove dirt from both the inside and outside of a vehicle and owners can opt to have the car waxed, washed, polished and protected to ensure that the paint job is sparking and the car looks it’s absolute best for the advert.

Boost the Value

By opting for one of our valeting services that include polish and/or wax, you can dramatically reduce the appearance of scratches, swirls, soap build-up or other marks that commonly accumulate on the exterior. In some instances, these contaminating marks can be completely removed ensuring that the paint job is faultless, which can dramatically increase the resale value. Naturally, the less visible wear and tear there is to a vehicle, the more increased the asking price can be so our valeting services are a must for those looking to make the most amount of money out of their sale.

For more information or to book one of our valeting services call our team on 01782 315 632.


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