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What Is Carnauba Car Wax?

What Is Carnauba Car Wax?

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on September 10th 2019

Carnauba wax is popular amongst car detailing professionals and home enthusiasts alike due to the ultimate shine it can produce when correctly applied to a car. In spite of its popularity, the science behind the famed carnauba car wax.

The Breakdown

Carnauba car wax is the hardest naturally occurring wax known to man that is derived from palm trees in Brazil. The tree creates this thick shield of wax to coat its leaves and prevent them from being damaged by the intense rays of the tropical sun. This natural wax is harvested every year and graded according to its colour, where it was grown and its purity with only the highest-grade wax making it into car wax.

Why Carnauba?

Carnauba car wax is highly regarded as one of the best thanks to its ability to protect the bodywork of a car from both intense UV rays, fallout and water. It protects a car in the same way it protects the palm tree – by repelling water, letting it drain off without being absorbed by the surface and forming a protective barrier between the unpredictable elements and the car.

What Are The Results?

Regularly using Carnauba car wax, will result in a deep, wet-look shine that is difficult to achieve using any other sort of wax. It's not without good reason that its nicknames include ‘the queen of wax’ and professional detailers swear by it, it really does create a beautiful appearance. Carnauba car wax is practical too, protecting your car from scratches, brake dust, fading and contamination as soon it is applied. This protection can last up to three months, even with washing in between, providing it is applied correctly and maintained.

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