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What To Expect From Our Valeting Service

What To Expect From Our Valeting Service

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on October 04th 2019
Although we are renowned for our car detailing services and products, our experts can complete valeting on the interior, exterior or a combination of both in our range of valeting services packages. We know that car care enthusiasts don’t always have the time to scrub their vehicles within an inch of their lives so we’re here to get your car gleaming again, saving you time and giving you a ride to be proud of. 

Interior Valet

If the inside of your car is looking akin to a wasteland or has ground in dirt that is proving impossible to remove, then our interior valeting services are just what’s needed to get your car feeling welcoming again. We’ll start by removing all rubbish from the car before employing our fantastic range of own-brand products to clean, dress and protect all plastic & vinyl surfaces. Next, we’ll confront the fabric, removing dirt from seats, carpets and mats using our dry vac system before dressing and treating them.

Exterior Valeting Services

Often, the outside of a car will need valeting before the inside as it is exposed to contaminants daily, even if parked in a garage! Our exterior valeting sees all wheels cleaned with a PH neutral formula, the paint pre-washed using a snow foam, fallout remover applied to the lower body and warm power rinse to start. We then move onto using a safe 2 bucket and grate washing system which includes cleaning with a lambswool wash mitt and hand drying with a deep pile microfibre towel. Dressings and sealants are then applied to the cars paint, wheels and glass to ensure that it receives the ultimate protection. 

You can combine both of our interior & exterior valeting packages in our Gold valeting services package! Just call us on 01782 315 632 to book. 


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